Why Ronaldo’s Behavior In His Last Two Games Suggests How Competitive He Is

Christian Ronaldo has made the headlines for many days now because of several reasons. Note that Ronaldo has now failed to score in three consecutive games, and this has raised many questions online.

Against Abha in the King Cup quarter-final, Ronaldo didn’t score even though Al Nassr won by 3-1. However, note that the main talking point of the game was Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to get an unnecessary yellow card after he kicked the ball away at halftime.

On the other hand, recall that he was also seen kicking a water bottle away after the previous game against Al Ittihad ended. For this reason, this article will focus on why Ronaldo’s behavior in his last two games suggests how competitive he is.

1. Ronaldo’s Frustrations Suggest He Loves Scoring.

Against Abha, Ronaldo was unhappy because the referee prevented his team from a clear counterattack. Hence, he kicked the ball away after the halftime whistle was blown. Even though Al Nassr was already two goals up, the move to kick the ball away shows he’s very competitive and always wants to score.

In the previous game against Al Ittihad, he also kicked a water bottle away at full-time because of the loss. The reality is that Ronaldo is very competitive, so his behavior in his last two games confirms that.

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