KWS Director General Dr Erustus Kanga acknowledged positive trends in Kenya’s wildlife population as evidenced in the 2021 National Wildlife Census Report....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

He said KWS has been offering support to MKWC since 2004, focusing on the recovery and restoration of the mountain bongo.

He said has been ongoing through veterinary resources and in-situ breeding and rewilding programmes.

Kanga, however, expressed concern regarding the mountain bongo, with fewer than 100 left in the wild of Mt Kenya and Aberdare National Park.

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CS Mutua emphasised government’s commitment to the National Recovery and Action Plan for the mountain bongo, which aims to rescue the species from the brink of extinction through strategic conservation initiatives.

“Kenya’s ambitious plan aims to establish a national population of 750 mountain bongos within the next 50 years,” Mutua said.

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Mama Rachel echoed his sentiments and recognised the significance of the reintroduction of the animals to the sanctuary as a beacon of hope for wildlife conservation efforts in Kenya.

She emphasised the importance of safeguarding endangered species and preserving their ecosystems for future generations.

Kenya’s diverse wildlife is largely credited for the country’s scenic splendor which makes it a conservation and tourism destination that’s second to none.

During the release of the National Wildlife Census 2021 Report on August 31, 2021, former President Uhuru Kenyatta rallied the country to continue upholding the sacred duty of protecting Kenya’s wildlife for current and future generations.

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“I call on all players within the Government as well as in our private sector to make this report a central cog of all plans and actions within wildlife conservation and management,” Uhuru said..CONTINUE READING>>

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