Haaland, Sterling, Jorginho: Top 10 Best Players Who Didn’t Play for Their Country Of Birth

In football, national team allegiance can be decided in different ways. Therefore, a player doesn’t need to represent their country of birth. This is why some players would be born in a particular country but decide to play for another country.

Below are ten of the best players who aren’t playing for their birth country:

1. Erling Haaland

Manchester City star, Erling Haaland currently plays for the Norwegian national team but he was born in England.

2. Ansu Fati

Ansu Fati was touted as one of the best players to graduate from La Masia a few years ago and after his rise to prominence, he made his debut for Spain. He was however born in Guinea-Bissau.

3. Pepe

Real Madrid legend, Pepe represents the Portuguese national team. However, he was born in Brazil. This means that he could have played for the Brazilian national team.

4. Riyad Mahrez

Manchester City star, Riyad Mahrez decided to play for Algeria though he was born in France. He was eligible to play for the Algerian national team because his father was from the African nation.

5. Edouard Mendy

Chelsea shot-stopper, Edouard Mendy could have played for the French national team but he decided to play for Senegal. He was born in France.

6. Hakim Ziyech

Hakim Ziyech was born in the Netherlands but currently plays for the Moroccan national team.

7. Raheem Sterling

Chelsea star, Raheem Sterling is a Jamaican by birth but he plays for the English national team.

8. Jorginho

Born in Brazil buy plays for Italy.

9. Emerick Aubameyang

Born in France but plays for Gabon.

10. Eduardo Camavinga

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