A Swiss language teacher named Paul Amadeus Dienach claimed to have woken up in 3906, after falling into a coma in 1921. Paul reportedly lived an entire year in the future after lifelong health issues and foresaw the invention of devices like the iPad we have today....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

After waking up from his comatose state, Paul could vividly recollect the life he lived in the new millennia and gave detailed accounts in a diary that was meant to be confidential.

As reported on The Cosmos Lab podcast, Paul passed down his notes to one of his pupils, Georgios Papahatzis, while on his deathbed.

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Man predicts the future from year 3906

The podcast hosts explained that Georgios “stumbled upon unexpected content” as he translated Paul’s notes. “The pages contained detailed passages discussing a prophesied nuclear conflict, the potential colonization of Mars, the idea of a global government, and insights into futuristic technologies such as flying vehicles, holographic displays, and even contact with extraterrestrial beings,” they stated.

Interestingly, Georgios assumed Paul’s “revelations as mere science fiction” and dismissed them at first. “However, as he delved deeper into the text, he gradually realized that what he had initially thought to be fictional stories were, in fact, entries from Dienach’s diary,” they continued.

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Paul described the first 300 years of the second millennium as overpopulated and plagued with environmental catastrophe, food scarcity, and global conflicts, including an initially successful attempt to establish a Martian colony in the 2200s, and a nuclear war between China and the West in 2309.

Paul reportedly woke up in an unfamiliar hospital and was identified as a famous physics professor named Andreas Noram who was involved in an accident.

He was also speaking German and had a different appearance. “Skeptical and disbelieving, Dienach looked out of the window to see a surreal landscape with skyscrapers towering into the clouds and futuristic vehicles zooming around and defying gravity,” the podcast explained.

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He wondered if he was in heaven as he was surrounded by “walls made of crystal that gave him a wide view of the scenery,” and “noticed objects made of warm, soft-coloured glowing metal.” “He immersed himself in the marvels of the future, hungrily absorbing knowledge through a remarkable device called the Reagan Schwager.

This device… illuminated the darkness with its glowing three-dimensional images, accompanied by captivating sounds and narrations,” they continued, describing what seemed like an iPad..CONTINUE READING>>

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