Ambassador Desmond Akawor, the immediate past chairman of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Rivers State, has spoken on the political situation in the state....CONTINUE READING

In an interview, he dismissed claims of a crisis, stating that issues are addressed daily within the party, according to Punch…CONTINUE READING>>

Regarding the dual Speakers in the state Assembly, Akawor acknowledged the internal leadership crisis but emphasized that it is a matter for the Assembly to resolve.

He highlighted that one of the Speakers has sought legal recourse, and the court has ordered the maintenance of the status quo.

Responding to queries about an attempted impeachment notice against Governor Nyesom Wike, Akawor stated that it is not standing.

He explained that elders of the party intervened, engaging with the Federal Capital Territory Minister, and an agreement was reached to settle the matter.

Akawor advised those on social media to avoid creating disharmony, attributing such actions to individuals sponsored by other political parties.

He urged people to allow Rivers State to have peace, emphasizing that the issues are being settled through a healing process.

In addressing allegations of the last civil service employment being hijacked by the PDP, Akawor clarified that the positions were shared among various segments, and the PDP received a particular percentage.

On the ongoing employment issue, he assured that the party is focused on resolving the root causes before bringing all parties involved back together.

Akawor also acknowledged the support Rivers State has received from the federal government, with ten Rivers individuals securing permanent jobs in Abuja within six months…CONTINUE READING>>

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