Some fruits contain toxic compounds that can be harmful or even deadly if consumed.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Here are five fruits that fall into this category;

Produced by the Manchineel tree, this fruit is also called the “beach apple” or “death apple”. As the name implies, this fruit is extremely toxic and the tree is referred to as the most dangerous in the world.

Manchineel is often referred to as the most dangerous tree in the world

The milky sap of this tree contains phorbol, a potent skin irritant, and a toxin called hippomane. Ingesting even a small amount of this fruit can lead to severe gastrointestinal distress, convulsions, and even death.

Ackee is popular in Jamaica and it is used to prepare their traditional dishes. When it is ripe, the Ackee fruit is actually safe for consumption, but the unripe ones contain a toxin called hypoglycin A, which can lead to a condition known as “Jamaican Vomiting Sickness.” Symptoms include vomiting, hypoglycemia, and, in severe cases, coma or death.

Avoid unripe ackee fruits by all means

The Jatropha plant produces attractive but highly toxic fruits. The seeds contain a potent toxin called curcin, which can cause severe stomach pain, diarrhoea, and in some cases, organ failure. Surprisingly, the plant itself is used to treat different ailments.

Jatropha plant is used in treating different illnesses

The Strychnine tree’s small orange or green fruits contain the deadly toxin strychnine. Even a small amount of strychnine can cause muscle spasms, convulsions, and death by asphyxiation.

Strychnine tree

The Rosary Pea is a small, colourful pea-like plant with seeds that contain a toxin called abrin. Ingesting a single seed can be fatal, as abrin disrupts protein synthesis and damages cells.

Rosary pea is also known as jequirity bean

In addition to the above, there are other fruits such as Yew, Castor Bean, Doll’s Eyes, White Snakeroot, Deadly Nightshade etc. Although most of these fruits are appealing, a single taste can lead to symptoms such as hallucinations, seizures, and death.

Basically, it is important to be aware of potentially deadly fruits so as to avoid consuming them…CONTINUE READING>>

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