When a bee bites you, it’s because it’s trying to protect itself or its home. But when it does, something sad happens: the bee often dies. Here’s why....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Bees have something called a stinger, which is like a sharp needle. It’s connected to a venom sac inside the bee’s body. When a bee feels threatened, it uses its stinger to defend itself. But here’s the problem: once the bee stings you, the stinger gets stuck in your skin. When the bee tries to fly away, it leaves behind not just the stinger, but also part of its body, including some important organs.

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The stinger has tiny hooks on it, like Velcro. These hooks make it easy for the stinger to go in, but very hard to come out. So when the bee tries to pull away, it can’t. Instead, it tears itself apart, leaving behind the stinger and some of its insides. This hurts the bee a lot and it dies shortly afterward.

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It’s like if you accidentally pulled off your arm when trying to get unstuck from something—it would hurt a lot and you wouldn’t survive it.

So when a bee bites you, it’s not trying to be mean—it’s just trying to protect itself. But sadly, it often ends up losing its life in the process. That’s why it’s important to be gentle around bees and try not to disturb them if we can help it..CONTINUE READING>>

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