How Singer Portable May Cut Short His Career If He Does Not Stop Confronting His Colleagues Openly

Towards the end of last year, fast-rising star, Portable, became so popular after he released the song “Zazu zeh”. Since then, his fame has been increasing as the day goes by. In December, the singer had an altercation with famous dancer, Poco lee, who happens to be his friend. Portable dragged Poco lee in a viral video, accusing him of hijacking the money that Wizkid sprayed on him during a recent concert.

The issue caused a lot of reactions, and things went sideways for Portable. Later on, he did another video and apologised to Poco lee and Olamide, begging for their forgiveness. Singer Slimcase also asked Poco lee to forgive Portable and neglect what Portable said, adding that Portable was still new in the music industry. The issue was later resolved and the duo was seen together.

Recently, Portable confronted his show promoter, Kogbagidi, in a viral video, implicating his show promoter of using contemptible means to yank him of his hard-earned money. In the viral video that’s making rounds on social media, portable was seen threatening to hit his show promoter with a baseball bat while demanding his car and money.

How Singer Portable may cut his career short if he does not stop confronting his colleagues openly

As a fast-rising star, Portable needs to be very careful with how he publicly come out to confront his colleagues because Confronting his colleague is bad business for him. The issue may hinder some Top celebrities from collaborating with him as no artists will want to trend for the wrong reasons. And if Top Artist decides to neglect him and doesn’t collaborate with him, his fast-rising career may hit rock bottom.

Also, if all these altercations with his colleagues are staged to make him trend just like what Jim Iyke and Uche did, fans may withdraw their support from him, as many will look at him as being fake. Nigerians love those who are real, those who they can connect with and not those who are fake.

In my view, if Portable doesn’t want to cut short his career, then he should stop confronting his colleagues and look for ways to amend issues without generating attention. Also, if the confrontations are staged to promote him, then he’s heading for the wrong path because a lot of his fans may withdraw their support from him when they discover it.

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