Why The Recent Quarrel Between Portable And Kogbagidi Might Be A Public Stunt

A video showing singer, Portable and his promoter, Kogbagidi, having a quarrel recently surfaced online. Portable can be seen in the video lashing out at Kogbagidi in a disrespectful way.

He said in the video that Kogbagidi is only using him, adding that he is a big man now and is not scared to continue alone.

Looking at the timing of this quarrel and some situations surrounding it, it looks like this quarrel is not real, and it might just be a public stunt. There are 3 things we should take note of.

Portable just dropped a song.

Singer, portable, just dropped a song today which he titled ‘Ogo Forever’. This shows a possibility of the quarrel being a stunt.

The stunt is just to go viral, so that people’s attention can be drawn to the song. Let’s not forget that when Portable dropped Zazu, his outburst was also part of what helped him stay in the news and also made his song trend. As a result of this, his song accumulated a huge number of streams.

This recent outburst is also similar to the first one. Both are all about Portable complaining about people using him. So this could just be another stunt to promote his song.

Another reason why this quarrel doesn’t look real is Kogbagidi’s reaction. When the first outburst happened, Kogbagidi showed how angry he was, telling Portable to pack his luggages and leave, saying that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore.

He also made a post on his Instagram addressing the issue.

This time around, Kogbagidi didn’t react much. He was even seen in the video trying to calm Portable down as though he was at fault.

Finally, the recording of the video.

The recording of the video is clearly not a coincidence. The person behind the camera timed and positioned it so well that one will think they all rehearsed it.

The video is also in a cut and join format.

This means that there are some loopholes in the video which had to be removed so that the plan can come out perfect.

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