Fast-rising Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola alias Portable, has finally retrieved the car he demanded from his promoter, Kogbagidi after their misunderstanding. In a new video, he revealed that they have both settled after calling him out for allegedly ripping him off....CONTINUE READING

Within Nigeria had earlier reported Portable was seen in a clip holding a stick as he tried to get physical with the promoter while going on a rant. He demanded his car from Kogbagidi and accused the man who has been managing him since he shot into the limelight, of using him.

In the video, he could be seen holding a stick as he tried to get physical while going on a rant. Some people tried to calm him down and prevent the situation from deteriorating into chaos, but it seemed to further provoke him. In reaction to the video, Nigerians opined that it might actually have been staged as a publicity stunt.

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