The Meaning And Story Behind The Trending Picture Of Ronaldo And Messi Together

During Ronaldo’s interview with Piers Morgan, he was asked to mention the best player he has seen apart from himself and Messi. Ronaldo then mentioned Real Madrid legend, Zinedine Zidane. Recall that Zidane was Ronaldo’s manager at Real Madrid. He then said “Probably Messi, yes....CONTINUE READING

Him and Zidane probably – that I have played and fought with,” Ronaldo on Piers Uncensored.

That ended the 15-year-old controversy and a company had to take advantage of that golden but diplomatic answer to sponsor this post of them together which will go down as one the best sporting and you can also add marketing without fear pictures we can ever behold in our lifetime.

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But it is not what you even think it is, it is not on the soccer pitch. It was the two legends of the world’s most popular sports playing another sport. But with their hands and minds.

They were just playing chess together. Both Messi and Ronaldo put it on their Instagram pages and the internet almost shot down not because of the FIFA World Cup, but because both Messi and Ronaldo for the first time put the same picture of themselves at the same time in the same place.

And Instagram almost shut down. It is been said it will go down in the App’s history as the most-liked photo.

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The picture gathered 10 million likes among both accounts in just only 30 minutes. Now you know why they are truly the greatest of all time. So fans of either side leave the rancours, debates fighting and just be fans of both of them. And the whole world knows peace among the two players’ fans.

The picture shows the two legends of the game as they mark their last world cup competition in a grand style, a lot will be going on in their mind on who goes home with the trophy might be regarded as the real GOAT, but that is notwithstanding, the two have had an awesome career but another focus will be on there fan tokens $ARG and $POR, as the world cup has started many of the fan tokens have been bullish and many will continue the uptrend as the performance of the national team continues, a lot of factors have contributed to the bullish nature of the fan tokens, but one point that is to be noted is the recent ATH of $ARG which was listed on MEXC Global with around 10million users which contributed to the picture uptrend.

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