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World Cup: Cristiano Ronaldo In Stitches Over His Awful Drawing Of Pepe

Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t exactly been attracting positive reviews ahead of his fifth World Cup tournament with Portugal....CONTINUE READING

Speculation is rife that Manchester United will sack the 37-year-old in light of his interview with Piers Morgan, ensuring that his preparations for Qatar 2022 have been dogged by controversy.

However, given the focus and determination that Ronaldo prides himself on, we’d hardly be surprised if it turned out that he simply wasn’t bothered by all the criticism which has come his way.
Ronaldo prepares for 2022 World Cup

And truth be told, Ronaldo is looking pretty relaxed as Portugal prepare to get their World Cup campaign underway, which is remarkable considering how hectic that last couple of weeks have been.

It’s entirely typical of the five-time Ballon d’or winner to drop a bombshell of an interview and then swagger off into the distance like nothing ever happened: the haters truly don’t bother him.

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And ahead of the Selecao’s opening match against Ghana on Thursday, it couldn’t have been any clearer how chilled out Ronaldo was feeling based on a hilarious new video that was uploaded by the national team.
Why was Ronaldo laughing at Pepe?

On Monday night, Portugal pushed out a funny video that set their players the task of pairing off and then drawing one another.

Obviously, with all due respect to the Portugal players, they’re hardly the second coming of Pablo Picasso, so it’s fair to say that the drawings weren’t exactly flattering.

Poor Joao Felix was butchered by the artistry of Ruben Dias, while Diogo Dalot certainly won’t be hanging up his teammates’ interpretation of his looks anytime soon.

However, by far the most amusing moment of the entire video was when Ronaldo burst out in uncontrollable laughter when he showed Pepe how he’d drawn him.

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Producing a sketch that essentially looked like Pepe had been taken straight out of a horror film, Ronaldo just couldn’t keep in his laughter as he kept glancing between his former Real Madrid pal and the hilarious drawing of him.

It’s no wonder that the video has gone viral, so be sure to check out Ronaldo how you rarely ever see him by admiring his sensationally awful depiction of Pepe down below:

Video: Ronaldo laughs uncontrollably at his Pepe drawing

Nevertheless, Pepe was able to exact his revenge rather quickly, proceeding to fire back with a drawing of Ronaldo with a deliberately exaggerated Adam’s apple. Take a look at 2:46 right here:

Video: Pepe gets his revenge with drawing of Ronaldo

Now, as much as a lot of the aftermath of Ronaldo’s interview led many fans to assume that there was tension amongst the Portugal squad, it’s hard to think that it’s a theory that holds water when you watch a video like that.

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There are still a lot of members of the Euro 2016-winning team within the Portugal squad who travelled to Qatar and the spirit within those unlikely champions was clear for the world to see.

Don’t get it twisted, it’s difficult to imagine everything being sunshine and rainbows when you consider the full extent of Ronaldo’s explosive comments, but write off the United star and his teammates at your peril.