Why Chelsea Co-owners Should Heed To The Fans Plea And Fire Potter

A good owner of a particular company or firm does not relax when things aren’t moving in the progress and success of his/her company.

But Chelsea football club co-owners have relented a bit based on the poor performances and results obtained by Graham Potter.

Hence, the need for them (Chelsea co-owners) to heed the fans and sack Potter.


Potter’s poor tactical strategy has done enough harm to Chelsea’s legacy: The truth is that Chelsea football club has become a source of mockery and mediocrity based on their position on the English Premier League table despite their huge spending in the past summer and winter window transfers. And when a club is ridiculed or taunted, then its legacy is partially tarnished bit by bit.

This is not the first time Chelsea is experiencing a bad turn up in results in English Premier League competition but it is the first Chelsea are experiencing appalling results after bringing in players.

Many football fans jokingly say that Chelsea football club has everything but lacks a head coach. Now an elite club like Chelsea being made a source of ridicule means that the club is gradually losing its legacy and might lose it, provided they (Chelsea) continue obtaining poor results.

Potter might be partially used by the UK to drag Chelsea into the mud: With the way, Chelsea football club’s head coach, Graham Potter, is featuring players based on his selections and substitutions (who are mostly English players that are not in the top form), is a bit suspicious that the UK is using him (Potter) to bring down the legacy of Chelsea in England.

Because every head coach features only players that are in top form and can produce good results with their performances and not featuring mostly their countrymen.

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