Cristiano Ronaldo Admits He Learnt From The Difficult Phase Of His Career At Manchester United

Portuguese Legend Cristiano Ronaldo has finally spoken about his exit from Manchester United, the former Manchester United striker admits he learnt form the difficult phase of his career at Manchester United.

According to him during those difficult moment at Manchester United he was able to see who was in his sides.

Cristiano on his Manchester exit:“I think everything that happens in life has a reason. I appreciate going through some things to be able to see who is on my side, because in a difficult phase you can see who is on your side.

Cristiano Ronaldo: “As I said, I went through a bad phase in my career [Manchester United exit] probably for the first time. It was part of my growth. Now I am more prepared and this learning was important, I feel as though I’m a better man.”

According to Cristiano Ronaldo, he had learnt a lot from those bad phases and bad experiences he had at Manchester United, he feels as a better man and more stronger after those experience.

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