In Kiambu, a Catholic church sanctioned an extraordinary matrimonial ceremony. In this event, a man with two wives solemnised his union with one wife within the church’s sacred confines....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Why did polygamous man opt for a church wedding?

The groom, Patrick Ndachu, exchanged vows with his first wife while his second spouse witnessed the occasion, under the condition that he writes a will to equitably divide his wealth between his two families.

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The church disclosed that it underwent a five-year process to authorize the nuptials.

Citizen TV reports that Patrick first entered into matrimony with Margaret in the 1970s, subsequently marrying Diana and fathering children with both.

Given the Catholic church’s stance against polygamy, it was decided that only one wife would partake in the ceremonial aisle walk with Patrick. Margaret, his first wife, was chosen for this honour.

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Speaking after the wedding, Patrick said:

“The church doesn’t allow one to wed two wives inside, but outside here, I will embrace my polygamous status, and I will tell the world that the two are my wives, and I love them. I didn’t want to hide my wives and I have declared that I am married to two wives. I didn’t want the case where some women emerge later to claim that they were my wives,” he said..CONTINUE READING>>

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