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Applying for a birth certificate in Kenya is an essential process for all Kenyan citizens. A birth certificate is a crucial document, often required for school enrollment, applying for a national ID, passport, and other legal processes.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to apply for a birth certificate in Kenya.

Persons who qualify for this service include:

1. Parents/guardians of a newly born baby

2. Rescue centres/children’s homes taking charge of the child

Gather required documents

Before you begin the application process, ensure you have all the necessary documents. These include:

Notification of birth: This is issued by the hospital where the birth occurred or at a Chief’s office in cases of home birth.

Details required in birth notification and registration include;

  1. Name of the newly born baby
  2. Date and place of birth
  3. Sex of the child
  4. Type of birth (single/multiple)
  5. Nature of birth (alive/dead)
  6. Name, age and marital status, previous births to, residential area and district of mother
  7. Name of father (for married couples)
  8. Signature of the applicant
  • Copy of ID/Passport of parents: You will need copies of identification documents for both parents.
  • Death certificates (if applicable): If the parents are deceased, copies of the death certificates are required.
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Visit the nearest Civil Registration Department

You will need to visit your local District Civil Registrar’s office. If you are in Nairobi, the main Civil Registration Department is located at Hass Plaza 4th Floor, Lower Hill Road.

Huduma Centres countrywide also have this desk and one can visit the nearest Huduma Centre to get this service.

Fill Out the application form

At the registration office, ask for the birth certificate application form. Fill out the form carefully. Ensure all details are correct and match those in the notification of birth and parents’ ID documents.

Submit the application form

Submit the completed application form along with all the required documents to the registrar. The documents will be verified by the officials. Ensure you keep copies of all documents submitted for your records.

Pay the application fee

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There is a nominal fee for processing the birth certificate. As of the latest guidelines, the fees are as follows:

  • Birth certificate with no amendments – Sh200
  • Birth certificate with amendments on the child’s names – Sh1000
  • Birth certificate with amendments on the parent’s names – Sh1000
  • Birth certificate with amendments on the child’s and parent’s names- Sh1000

Collect your Birth Certificate

Once your application is processed, you will be informed of the date when you can collect the birth certificate.

This process usually takes 10 days if the birth was recently registered. However, if it’s a late registration, the process might take longer, possibly a few weeks.

Verify the details

Once you receive the birth certificate, verify all the details immediately. In case of any errors, inform the registrar immediately to have the details corrected.

This is crucial as any discrepancies can lead to complications in the future when the document is needed for official use.

Tips for a smooth application process

  • Early registration: Register the birth within six months to avoid the late registration process, which is more cumbersome and time-consuming.
  • Accuracy of information: Double-check all the information you provide during the application to avoid future inconveniences.
  • Keep receipts and copies: Keep all receipts and copies of documents submitted for future reference or in case of any discrepancies.
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Late Notification/Registration of birth of children

Late registration of births is highly discouraged. However, if not registered, you are required to fill and submit the registration form in person at a Civil Registration Department office near you.

The applicant will be vetted first for the registration to be effected. Requirements to get this service include the following;

  • Clinic card/ antenatal card/birth notification
  • Religious Certificate
  • IDs for both parents/Death Certificate if parents are deceased
  • School leaving certificates/ letter from school
  • ID cards for adult applicants (over 18 years)
  • Any other document as may be requested by the registrar

The cost for this service is Sh500 and can be accessed at all Huduma Centres countrywide.

Persons who qualify for this service include:

  1. Parents/ guardians of a newly born baby
  2. Rescue centres/ children’s homes taking charge of the child
  3. Individual adults themselves..CONTINUE READING>>

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