Mimi watu huniogopa,kwanza wanawake naezalima mtu hadi aombe maji ya kunywa.Even my wife fears me,but I don’t know what happened that she ended up making me look like a fool....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

January ikianza mimi nilibaki kwa nyumba nikawacha bibi yangu akienda Nairobi.I told her to take our children to school as I wait for fare to be lowered.

One day after she arrived in Nairobi, my boss told me to hurry up and order things for the office.I hurriedly dressed up and started the journey to Nairobi. But even before I started the journey I tried to call my wife but her phone was off.I decided to go.

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I arrived in Nairobi at 10 pm and took an uber to my house in Kasarani.A arrived at 10.23 pm. What made me curious was the lights I saw in my bedroom and the unfamiliar voice of a man.

Before I opened the door,I decided to go straight to my bedroom window to see who was talking.I heard this, Aki  wewee”,Usiwachilie,Sukuma yote ndani”.I thought I was dreaming, I moved closer to hear better only for the man to shout,”tingisha hivi,wacha nimalizeee”.I immediately started shaking as I shouted, who’s this?!!

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Immediately they heard commotion they scattered. I moved swiftly and tried to close the door,only for a huge man to emerge while threatening,”ukiguza utaona”.Since mimi sina nguvu,niliwacha akaenda na nikaingia kulia kwa sofa.

Shortly,my wife came while shouting,”kesho naenda”.She left me on the sofa and followed the man to the gate.I was left on the sofa nikitoa machozi.

I didn’t even sleep that night,I was wondering how a man can come and end our marriage within a day.The following morning, I took my phone and called my wife,she didn’t pick.Furious,I called my mother and told her what had transpired. But instead of giving me a solution, she told me to continue praying.

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One week passed, two weeks and finally three weeks, my wife was nowhere to be seen.She had even convinced my two daughters to go with her. Thinking about raising another family pained me.I loved my wife and I really wanted to live with her.

In the compound neighbors had known what had happened to me, most of them could come and console me.But there’s one neigbour I have to thank, she is called Mary..CONTINUE READING>>

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