Qatar 2023: Messi’s Doctor Wishes Argentine Team Loses All Group Matches

Diego Schwarzstein, Lionel Messi’s physician, has stated that he would prefer Argentina lose all three of their group games in Qatar and exit the tournament early.

Argentina will be eliminated from the tournament if they drop all three of their games in the group round.

Despite the fact that Messi, 35, is vying for his first FIFA World Cup championship, Schwarzstein does not want the Argentine star to do so in Qatar. The two men have a friendly relationship.

He said the success of the World Cup would be used by the Argentine administration to hide its failure.

Argentina winning the tournament would make me happy as a football fan. I would prefer them to lose all three games and be eliminated in the first round as an Argentine and as a person, he told The Times.

“Why, I’m convinced that this obscenely populist government that we have here would use the success of Argentina at the World Cup to cover things up,” he said.

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