A Nigerian mother has raised an alarm over the images she came across in a textbook meant for kids....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

The Facebook user with the username Omenka2hot advised parents and guardians to ensure that they always go through their kids’ textbooks.

“Sometimes please make out time and go through your children’s textbooks because I don’t understand what this life is turning into. What is this now”,she wrote.

The page she displayed used images to describe the different forms of family that exist.

The first image was that of a man, a woman and two kids, followed by another showing grandparents and grandchildren.

The last two images displayed two fathers and a child and two mothers and a child as other forms of family.
Agu Prettyjane

reacted: “There is nothing hard dere, we have nuclear ND extended family, so dat picture will make d children understand faster.”

Chidera Fransisca said: “I saw one that described lovemaking as when mum will lie down and dad lie on top of her. I don’t really remember the rest they wrote they. But honestly what they write is not meant for children at all. And it was meant for primary 2 pupils ooo….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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