Dear ladies, it is advisable to be careful about the things you say to a man in order to save your respect. The things you say to a man could aggrandize the love he has for you or make him begin to lose interest in you....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

As a lady, below are 3 things you should not be quick to tell a man:

1-. Never be quick to introduce marriage discussion with him, especially if the relationship is a newbie:

This could only raise some inkling in the man to see you as a desperate lady. Men do not feel comfortable being with ladies who are desperate for marriage. It is safer to allow the love grow to a point where he would be spurred to make marriage proposal to you. This enhances your value as a woman.

2-. Do not be in a haste to tell a man that you want to be pregnant for him if he isn’t yet married to you:

This could reduce the value he places on you. Be patient enough to allow a man perform his marital rites for you before you can go ahead to discuss making babies with him.

3-. Never be quick to confess your secrets and weaknesses to him:

Every relationship has 3 zones; the suspicious zone, the confidence zone and the familiarity zone. Allow the relationship to get to a point where you both have built some level of trust and confidence in each other before you can proceed to share your secrets with him for safety purpose incase the relationship fails along the line….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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