Many men check their chosen ones at the beginning of a relationship to better understand if they can be trusted....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

They are just trying to figure out if you are the right fit for them, and if not, they will most likely leave before doing anything.

Men often find it challenging to understand and express their feelings, deep fears, and complexes, which affects relationships.

For this reason, they often try to test the waters before entering into a serious relationship.
How do men test women at the start of a relationship?
Talking about female friends to see if you are jealous

When a man recognizes you, he tries to make sure that you are not too jealous or, on the contrary, to know your feelings. Stories about your female friends are an easy way to figure it out.

In addition to talking, he may try to flirt with the female representatives in front of you to find out your reaction.
Asks how your previous relationship ended to see if you are committed

A man may wonder if you are cheating and how traumatized you are from your past relationship before starting a serious relationship with you. One of these ways is to try to ask you how your previous relationship ended.

He won’t go deep into the problem or ask too many questions so that it doesn’t look suspicious, but he needs answers to what caused the failed relationship.
Tests your intelligence

Except for a situation when a man himself does not shine with his mind, he tries to find a partner of his level of intelligence, interesting and developed. For this reason, he may test how smart you are before he starts dating you.

He might, for example, take you to a quiz or ask your opinion on a question to strike up an intelligent conversation.
Will give you two different opinions to understand what kind of person you are

A man may give you a choice of two different opinions to better understand which personality type you are.

For example, he might suggest that you dine at a restaurant or go on a trip for breakfast. Depending on what you choose, he will conclude.
Mention personal information to see if you remember it

If a man is thinking about a relationship with a girl, he needs to know if his sympathy is mutual. One of the easy ways to find out is to mention what he has said before.

For example, a man might talk about his interests and then later bring up the topic to find out if you pay attention to what it says.
Demonstrate negative traits to test your loyalty

When a man is looking for a potential partner for a serious relationship, he will want to know if you will be with him no matter what, even if he sometimes acts unreasonably.

Perhaps he will show you his not the most positive and calm side to make sure you still care.
Will act impulsively to find out how spontaneous you are

Although men appreciate loyal and down-to-earth women, he wants the relationship with his beloved to be interesting and exciting.

For this reason, he may do some non-standard act or suggest something that you are unlikely to do and find out how spontaneous and open you are to new experiences.
Cancel plans to see your reaction

The man may want to find out if you have a life of your own besides your time with him. He can cancel plans at the last moment.

While this is a bad idea and won’t earn your respect, he may try to cancel the plans and see if you can keep yourself busy if you don’t get a chance to meet.

If so, he will understand that you are independent and not overly intrusive.
Will say that he has little money to check your commerciality

Many men, especially sufficiently wealthy, worry about whether the girls’ attention to them is dictated only by their interest in their financial situation.

Therefore, a man can tell his chosen one that he is poor, does not have enough money to see how mercantile she is or likes him the way he is.
Disappears to see if you are interested in it

Many men are afraid of being rejected and therefore want to make sure that you are genuinely interested before starting a relationship with you.

A man may disappear for a while to find out if you will contact him and if you are worried about him.

If you show interest, he can confidently assume what you really like and make plans for you further.
Will appear without warning to find out how you look when he is not around

If a man suddenly appears at your doorstep, he may want to test you and find out how you look in a simple home environment.

While this spontaneity may not appeal to you, remember that the man who cares about you will like you in any setting.
Will try to find out how open you are in s3x

Not all men treat intimacy the same way.

Some men want to know right away how physically compatible they are and will not judge a woman for getting closer. While others check how easy a woman is before they seriously start dating you.

He may ask you for your opinion on how quickly to get intimate relationships or invite you to his home. Regardless of the method chosen, its main goal will be to find out your position on this issue.
Checks for independence

Many men want to maintain independence to some extent and are looking for a woman who will not interfere.

Will you let him be alone to do the things he wants, or will you demand that he be there every free minute?

Are you ready to listen to him when he talks about his hobbies or ignore him?

If you are too demanding or do not accept his interests, the man may feel that you want to change him, which is why you will fail the independence test….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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