You might have no problem on the communication front, but not every guy you meet is going to be the best at baring his soul with words....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

The truth is that men express their feelings all the time, they just happen to do it in different ways than we’re accustomed to. As a result, we need to pay closer attention if we want to know what’s going on inside their heads. The next time you’re feeling a bit uncertain, focus your attention on these things.

The way he kisses you There’s a different type of kiss for pretty much every good feeling a guy might have for you, from sweet and romantic to goofy or lusty. Learn to appreciate them, because they’re pretty great.

Staying near you at a party When you guys hit a mutual friend’s birthday party, he does his own thing but he always circles back to you as opposed to trying to be the flirty single guy.

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Making you coffee Or bringing you a coffee without asking if you want one. He’s thinking about you while he’s trying to caffeinate himself which is a pretty sweet gesture.

Doing nothing at all Sometimes not expressing themselves is a form of expression for men. It’s somewhere in the realm of “I can’t deal with talking to you right now.” If he cares enough not to take things out on you, that’s pretty special.

Asking you for advice Him asking for your advice both means that he’s willing to open up to you a bit and also that he really respects your input.

PDA Hand-holding on the couch is sweet, but hand-holding in public can be a bigger deal for some people, and it screams “I’m thrilled to be with this person right now!” Of course, if he’s truly not into PDA, the absence of it may not be an indicator of a lack of feelings, so keep that in mind.

Planning dates without your input He’s actually excited to take you to do something specific and he doesn’t need your input about the occasion because he knows you so well. This is one of the best ways men express their feelings, and also one of the most fun!

Smiling with his eyes You know that look because you feel it sometimes, too — where you just look at someone and you feel like you could melt off your seat or float into a pink cloud.

Bringing you around his friends When guys are trying to do the casual thing, sometimes it’s easier for them to keep some space between girls and the rest of their lives. When you’re introduced quickly, it might mean he’s not worried about what happens next.

Cute emojis Okay, they’re almost words, but not quite. Nothing like getting a heart-eyed emoji randomly in the workday. That never gets old.

A peck on the cheek Or the forehead. Innocent kisses aren’t just reserved for adorable babies, but the sentiment is similar. Instead of showering you with lusty kisses all the time, he’s letting you know that he just simply adores you.

Listening Guys can be as distracted as distracted can be, but when he actually listens to you and then follows up on things that you say, it means he really cares. It takes a lot for people to put their phones down and give their undivided attention, so this is one of the most meaningful ways men (and women!) express their feelings.

Sending photos of whatever he’s doing Even if it’s a picture of the traffic he’s currently sitting in or his lunch at work, the truth is that he’s thinking of you and is trying to connect. You’re on his mind and he wants you to know it.

Making you dinner Going to dinner is one thing, but when a guy willingly cooks for you, it means he has more than a passing interest in you. And if he’s a great cook, that’s even better!

Keeping you safe Maybe he’s not dodging any bullets or laying his jacket down on puddles for you to cross, but he does what he can to make you feel protected and close in his presence. You can take care of yourself, but he wants to lighten the load sometimes, and that’s really sweet….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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