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You’ve been hanging out and getting close, but you can’t quite tell if he wants you as more than a friend.

It’s so frustrating trying to decipher all those mixed signals!

Whether it’s his body language, his conversations with you, or how he acts when you’re together in a group, the signs are there if you know what to look for.

We’re here to help you decode those subtle and not-so-subtle clues so you can finally understand if his feelings for you run deep.

Don’t miss out on an amazing relationship because you can’t tell if he’s just being friendly or is falling hard for you.

How Does a Man Behave When He Wants You?

When a man wants you in his life romantically, his behaviors and interactions with you will differ from how he treats other female friends or acquaintances.

He’ll make an effort to be around you more, initiating contact and finding reasons to spend time together.

You’ll notice him asking deeper questions to really understand you as a person.

He’ll remember the little details about your life and will want to actively listen when you open up.

There will be a sense of focus, engagement, and emotional intimacy when you’re together.

While every man shows interest differently, you’ll feel prioritized and pursued in a sincere way.

And you may feel that little spark that comes with chemistry and romantic attraction.

So, how can you definitively tell if a man’s interest in you goes beyond platonic feelings?

He’ll show you that he wants you in his life as more than a friend in many subtle and overt ways.

The following 31 signs are dead giveaways that he feels a deeper connection and sees you as a romantic partner.

1. He goes out of his way to talk to you.

If a guy likes you, he’ll look for opportunities to chat with you, even if it means going slightly out of his way. Maybe he changes his route to work so he can “casually” bump into you, or he finds lame excuses to come by and see you on his lunch break.

The point is that he’ll make an extra effort to talk to you rather than just wait for chance encounters.

2. He remembers small details about your life.

When a man is interested in you romantically, he’ll commit little personal details to memory, like your favorite candy bar or the story about your childhood dog.

He listens intently when you share tidbits about yourself so he can bring them up later to show how much your life matters to him. His recall is impressive when it comes to even minor things you’ve mentioned in passing.

3. He uses any excuse to compliment you.

Guys who are into you tend to find reasons, big or small, to praise or validate you. Maybe he compliments your laugh, your work ethic, or your taste in music.

Or he tells you how beautiful you looked during your last date. Whatever it is, he seizes opportunities to make you feel special with sincere compliments.

4. He gets nervous around you.

It’s a classic sign of attraction when a man gets flustered in your presence. Perhaps he fumbles over his words, makes awkward jokes, or gets sweaty palms on your dates.

His nerves come out because he feels vulnerable around you and wants to impress you. It’s a dead giveaway that he’s caught feelings if his cool demeanor goes out the window around you.

5. He opens up to you emotionally.

When a man shares his dreams, insecurities, and deeper emotions with you, it signals he wants something more serious. He’s letting you into his inner world because he trusts you and desires emotional intimacy.

If he only saw you as a friend, he’d likely keep convos surface-level. But his comfort with being vulnerable with you reflects his deeper bond.

6. He finds subtle ways to touch you.

A man interested in romance will find innocent opportunities for physical contact, like gently putting his hand on your shoulder when you tell a story or brushing knees under the table.

These subtle touches give him a thrill while also testing if you welcome the contact. It’s his way of physically escalating without being too overt before you’re a couple.

7. He gets protective of you.

If a man has the hots for you, his caveman instincts will kick in, and he’ll get more protective over you. Maybe he wraps an arm around you when he senses danger or makes sure you get home safe at night.

He wants to keep you from harm because he can’t stand the thought of losing you. His protective actions stem from a deep care and attachment.

8. He texts you throughout his day.

A guy who is romantically interested in you wants to stay connected even when you’re apart. He’ll text you updates like complaining about his boss, sharing a funny meme, or asking your take on something going on in his life.

Keeping a constant open line shows you’re top of mind, and he wants to include you in his daily happenings.

9. He values your opinion.

Men who are serious about you will ask what you think before making big decisions, whether it’s career moves or buying a new car. He trusts your judgment and wants your blessing on major choices.

Even if he doesn’t always take your advice, he’ll carefully consider it because your viewpoint matters deeply.

10. He gets jealous when you talk about other guys.

If a man likes you romantically, he won’t like hearing you talk fondly about other men. He may get irrationally jealous, even if it’s an innocent comment about a male friend or coworker.

It comes from his fear of losing you coupled with the fact he sees those guys as rivals. His envious reactions give away his true desires.

11. He goes out of his way to do favors for you.

A man who’s sweet on you will look for ways to help you out, even if it’s inconvenient for him.

Whether it’s fixing something that broke at your place, giving you a ride when your car’s in the shop, or babysitting your pets when you’re out of town, he wants you to know you can rely on him. His eagerness to assist shows how highly he thinks of you.

12. He gets nervous if you talk about going on a date with someone else.

When a guy has strong romantic feelings for you, the thought of you dating other people makes him anxious.

If you mention going on a date with another guy, he may get flustered and try to subtly convince you not to go, or he’ll pump you for information about the guy. His nerves come from the threat of losing his chance with you if you hit it off with someone else.

13. He makes an effort with his appearance around you.

Men tend to straighten up and look their best when they’re trying to impress someone. If he opts for nicer clothes or fixes his hair before seeing you, it’s because he wants to look attractive for you.

Likewise, if he starts working out more or gets a fresh haircut out of the blue, it might be to step up his game and catch your eye.

14. He gets excited about your shared interests.

When a guy shares one of your passions, like a hobby, TV show, or sports team, he’ll be eager to discuss it with you at length.

Having that common interest gives him an excuse to spend more time together doing something you both love. And it helps strengthen your bond when you have that shared enthusiasm and excitement.

15. He makes plans in advance to spend time together.

A man who casually sees you as just a friend is fine with last-minute plans. But a guy with romantic feelings wants to lock down quality time with you.

He’ll make dinner reservations for next Friday or get tickets for a show a few weeks out, so he knows he has you all to himself, and it’s in the books. Making future plans shows commitment.

16. He talks about taking you on trips together someday.

When a man envisions future vacations or getaways with you, it’s because he sees you in his future.

Even if the trip planning is hypothetical at this stage, it shows he’s thinking long-term about spending more time with you and making memories together. His brought-up travel dreams reveal you’re part of his big picture.

17. He finds excuses to be affectionate with you.

A guy who has the hots for you will find subtle ways to get physically affectionate, like playfully ruffling your hair, giving you hugs, or putting his arm around your shoulders.

He seizes opportunities for innocent contact because it allows him to get closer and assess if you reciprocate his feelings. The affection hints he wants to get cozy.

18. He opens doors for you.

While chivalrous gestures like opening doors or pulling out chairs aren’t necessities, men do this for women they respect and admire.

If he insists on these polite acts for you, he sees you as worthy of special treatment. And he likely hopes it will impress you and show what a gentleman he can be if you date.

19. He talks or jokes about the two of you dating.

When a man frequently brings up dating in general or makes casual jokes about the two of you becoming a couple, it reveals his interest.

He might ask playfully when you’re going to finally let him take you out or make hypothetical references to relationship milestones like meeting your family. His comments test the waters.

20. He gets nervous or jealous when other men flirt with you.

A surefire sign a man’s into you is if he gets noticeably tense, anxious, or irritated when other men flirt with you or hit on you. Seeing potential “competition” interact with you activates his fear of losing his shot with you. His jealousy gives away the fact he desperately wants you for himself.

21. He finds small excuses to be close to you physically.

A guy attracted to you may gently guide you through crowds by putting his hand on your back or sit thigh-to-thigh with you, even when there’s plenty of room.

He finds innocent opportunities for closeness to get that thrill of contact and gauge if you like it too. Don’t be surprised if he “accidentally” grazes your leg under the dinner table as well.

22. He uses flirty body language around you.

Men give away their attraction through body language when conversing with you. Maybe he makes strong eye contact, points his shoulders toward you, or angles his knees toward you.

If he gets extra fidgety, plays with his hair, or puffs out his chest, he’s feeling the vibes. And if he licks or bites his lips, it’s a very flirty signal.

23. He lightly teases or playfully banters with you.

Guys often gently poke fun at or banter playfully with women they’re sweet on. It’s his way of building rapport, making you laugh, and sometimes even flirtatiously getting your attention and affection.

Just beware if the teasing ever feels disrespectful instead of fun and well-intentioned.

24. He finds excuses to be around you, even in group settings.

Even when you’re both hanging in a group, a man interested in you will gravitate toward you and sit or stand by your side whenever possible. He’ll lean into you to chat and find subtle ways to single you out from the crowd. Being near you provides excitement – plus, he can impress you with his charm in social settings.

25. He compliments your intelligence and personality – not just looks.

While any compliments are nice, a man who truly cares will praise your brains, humor, generosity, talents, and heart – not just your beauty. He sees the whole you and wants you to know all the qualities he admires. When he compliments your inner spark, he’s revealing his deeper attraction.

26. He finds small ways to be helpful, like fixing things or giving you rides.

A man who always seems eager to help you out by offering rides, fixing stuff, or lending a hand is showing his interest and care. He wants you to see him as dependable and someone who can take care of your needs.

Whether it’s driving you when your car’s in the shop or helping assemble your new furniture, he seizes the chance to be useful.

27. He texts you cute memes and videos he thinks you’ll like.

A guy who’s super into you wants to make you smile even when you’re not together.

That’s why he might send sweet good morning texts or randomly share funny memes, cute animal pics, or hilarious videos he knows will crack you up. Sharing these bites of digital joy shows you’re in his thoughts.

28. He greets you with enthusiastic hugs.

Don’t underestimate the power of a hug, especially if they’re long, tight, and accompanied by a big smile whenever he sees you.

Affectionate hugs signal he doesn’t want to let you go and wants to keep you close. They also hint he’s eager to get his arms around you whenever possible.

29. He discusses important values in his life with you.

Men who see potential with a woman will share philosophical views, future aspirations, and core values with her.

He opens up about his beliefs because he trusts you to understand him on a deeper level. Discussing priorities in life reveals vulnerabilities and forges intimacy.

30. He voluntarily shares positive details if you ask about his dating history.

Although digging into his romantic past too much can backfire, his openness, if you ask thoughtful questions, shows he’s got nothing to hide.

Avoiding details altogether may signal he’s hiding something. But a man who wants you will share positive snippets that build his character.

31. He talks about introducing you to his friends and family someday.

When a man casually references wanting to introduce you to his inner circle down the line, it means he sees you as a long-term prospect.

He can envision merging his life with yours. Meeting the parents is just the start if things keep progressing romantically between you two….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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