What Are The First Signs That Glaucoma Is Developing In Your Eyes?

Glaucoma is an incurable eye disease that causes damage to the optic nerve of your eyes, according to Mayo clinic. This damage linked to the buildup of pressure in the eyes. Glaucoma can permanent vision loss or total blindness if the damage is not being managed regularly.

But what are the first signs you might experience if glaucoma is about to develop in your eyes? It is important to know these signs so that you may need to seek urgent medical attention and care to avoid further damage. In line with a health publication from WEBMD, this article will be revealing those signs.


• Seeing glares around light sources

• Redness in your eyes

• Pain in your eyes

• Poor or blurred vision


According to WEBMD, glaucoma has been described as the “worst eye pain of life” by patients. The following symptoms indicates that glaucoma feels like

• Severe pain

• Headaches (on the same region of the eyes)

• Dilated pupils

• Nausea and vomiting

How you can manage glaucoma

Since glaucoma has no cure, the best thing is to make it part of your lifestyle by managing it through the use of medications and by following helpful tips.

These tips can help you to manage glaucoma:

Engage in regular exercise, it can help to reduce the buildup of pressure around the affected eyes and also keep blood flowing to the nerves in your eyes

Eat a healthy diet; Your diet should at least contain leafy vegetables and fishes that contains omega 3 fatty acids. These nutrients may help reduce the effect of glaucoma.

• Avoid smoking

• Take your prescribed medications

• Always wear the prescribed contact lenses

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