5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Cucumber At Night

Cucumber is a fruit that is rich in nutrients and minerals. It is very beneficial to a person’s health and skin. According to Healthline, cucumbers contains up to 96% of water. It also contains dietary fibers that are important to the health. As a result of the many benefits of eating cucumber, it is good to eat this fruit at night as it is very healthy to the body. Here are certain reasons why you should do this.


1) It keeps you hydrated: Since cucumbers contain a large percentage of water, they help to prevent dehydration in hot weather or even after a workout. Eating cucumber also helps to wash out toxins from your body and helps you to maintain a healthy intestine.

2) They prevent mouth odour: When bacteria in the mouth work on food particles, it can cause bad breath. However, the water in cucumber helps to cleanse the mouth. So, eating cucumber at night can reduce your tendency of having bad breath the next morning.

3) It helps in weight loss: Cucumber contains dietary fibers that are good for the gut. This fiber helps to increase bowel movement and also prevents constipation. Cucumber is also low in calories which will help a person to maintain a healthy weight.

4) It protects against diseases: Cucumbers contains antioxidants which are very useful in preventing oxidative damages to the body. They also neutralize free radicals that can cause chronic diseases such as cancer or heart diseases in the body.

5) It can reduce blood sugar: High blood sugar leads to a condition known as diabetes. However, cucumber contains nutrients that can reduce the level of glucose in the blood. This is as a result of it’s low glycemic index. Cucumber provides the essential nutrients the body needs without adding carbohydrate.

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