2 Things That Ladies Need To Avoid After Sex To Prevent Infections

Lovemaking is one of the best moments that every couple and partner will want to do over and over again. As fun as it is, there are some vital things that the female partners need to avoid after making love to keep the vaginal healthy and infection-free.
1. Wearing thick underwear or pants.

It is important to have a warm shower after the lovemaking exercise to keep the body relaxed and fresh. It is advisable for both partners especially the female to avoid putting on thick underwear or pants after taking bath to avoid heat in the private part which may eventually lead to yeast infections.
2. Avoid using soap or any chemical-related product on the vaginal.

Studies reveal that the vaginal is a delicate part and it is self-cleansing. To avoid contacting infections or rashes of any kind, the female partner should be mindful of how the private part is being washed after lovemaking. The use of strong soap or perfume should be avoided at all cost except an health officer stated otherwise.

If you don’t like the smell or feels some discomfort in the private part after making love, it is advisable to see a health officer rather than using chemical-related products.

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