A middle-aged woman by the name of Margaret has revealed that she regrets sleeping with her husband after he returned home from Zambia, where he had stayed for 4 years....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

She met her husband while working as a secretary, while her husband was working as a mechanic. After giving birth to their firstborn together, the responsibilities increased, and his job was not paying well.

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He joined his brother, who was working in Zambia. According to Margaret, her husband stayed there without sending her money or communicating. She joined her mother in doing business to be able to feed her children.

After four years, her husband returned home, and she received him very well. She was faithful and had not slept with a man. She was waiting for her husband to return. However, her husband didn’t seem interested in sleeping with her.

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She pushed him until he agreed to sleep with her. After a few months, her husband started losing weight, developed rashes on his body, and coughed up blood. When she took him to the hospital, it was confirmed that he was HIV positive, which was at its last stage.

It was also confirmed he was suffering from tuberculosis. She took care of him until he passed away. She later started falling sick, and when she went to the hospital, it was confirmed that she was HIV positive. She regrets pushing her husband to sleep with her because it seems he knew his status and didn’t want to infect her..CONTINUE READING>>

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