Irene has narrated how her husband slept with their house girl, and after she forgave him and chased away the girl, he later slept with a lady who had four kids who were washing their clothes....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to Irene, she was brought up by a single mother, and life was not easy. When she was in Form Three, she ran away from home after her mother beat her up for going home late.

She went to her cousin’s place where she met a man, and they became lovers. She moved in with him, and later they went for an introduction at home.

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Irene says that after two months, she got pregnant, and her husband was very happy. After nine months, she delivered through a cesarean, and they had to employ a house girl since she couldn’t be able to work, and her husband was working.

She says that after a month, she realized the house girl had changed and had an attitude towards her. One day, as they were seated in the living room, the baby cried, and she asked the house girl to get the baby for her, but she told her to get the baby herself.

She was angry, and when she asked her what was wrong while her husband was there, the house girl said that she can’t be a house girl in that house while her husband is sleeping with her all the time and she wanted to become her co-wife.

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Irene says that in the morning, she chased away the girl, and she forgave her husband. Since she was still in pain, she employed a mama fua who was coming twice a week to wash their clothes.

One day, this lady was honest with her, and she told her that her husband had been sleeping with her whenever she goes there to wash their clothes. She showed her the messages he was sending to her, telling her to come early before his wife wakes up.

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After her husband came, and she asked him, he denied it. But since she had the evidence from the lady, she knew he was lying. She tried to reach out to his parents who told her to persevere since a man will never be satisfied by one woman.

Irene says that she couldn’t believe it, and she had to quit her marriage. She went back to her mother’s house, and she now raises her kid all alone and vowed never to get married again..CONTINUE READING>>

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