A fire broke out Kenyatta University on Friday evening, May 3....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The inferno which broke out at the Old Moi Library which is less than a kilometer into the main gate, led to significant damage to property.

The fire erupted under undetermined circumstances and cast a bright, ominous glow visible from considerable distances.

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The inferno was intense, with flames soaring high above the treeline, lighting up the night sky in a dramatic display of orange and red hues.

Students, onlookers and emergency responders were met with a daunting scene as the fire illuminated the surrounding area, reflecting off the wet pavement of the university roads.

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Firefighters worked tirelessly to control the fire, which at its peak, seemed to consume everything in its path.

The emergency response from firefighters helped stop the fire from spreading to a nearby restaurant with a gas station, which could have turned fatal.

As the flames were brought under control, the focus shifted to assessing the damage and planning the recovery..CONTINUE READING>>

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