Agnes Apande, a 28-year-old woman, recounted to The Nation Newspaper the horrific murder of her husband by suspected herdsmen in their village settlement in Tse Agbande, Keana Local Government Area of Nasarawa....CONTINUE READING

Agnes shared that she witnessed her husband’s death but was unable to call for help as she was hiding with her child. The attack occurred at around 10 pm, with the herdsmen storming their compound and shooting indiscriminately.

At the time of the attack, Agnes was inside the house while her husband was outside due to the heat. She was unaware of what was happening until she heard gunshots and became suspicious, lowering the volume of her television and peering through the window.

Through the window, she witnessed her husband’s murder as the herdsmen arrived on motorcycles, some waiting while others dismounted.

One of them switched off the generator before shooting her husband in the stomach, resulting in his immediate death, and confiscating his handset.

The attackers then beamed their torch around the compound to ensure no one else was present. Agnes hid behind the door while her son was asleep on the bed.

The herdsmen butchered her husband and left his body under a mango tree within the compound before moving on to a neighboring village where they killed approximately five people

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