Jennifer a mother of two has painfully narrated how her husband used to squeeze her son private parts since she got married with him and her husband didn’t like him....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to Jennifer is that she got her first child when she was in class seven and the person who impregnated her ran away and up to date she has never seen him again.

She claims that she didn’t know she was pregnant untill her father saw her and asked her if she was pregnant and that when her mother took her to the hospital and it was confirmed she was pregnant, she natured her pregnancy and after nine months she gave birth to a boy.

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When her son was three years she met another man and she got married not knowing she was putting her son in trouble, she says that after she got pregnant she took her son in but she noticed her husband didn’t like him but she ignored the red flags.

Jennifer says that one day as she was washing him, he was crying because of pain and when she asked him what was happening the boy told him everything that his step dad was doing to him, the boy told her that he used to squeeze his private parts and warn him if he tell anyone he will kill him and so he feared to her.

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At time he would beat him with metal on his head and when she would ask him what had happened to his head he would says that he was hit as he was playing but his step father was the one telling him to say that, the boy went ahead and told her that the father was always threatening him he will kill him and shown him where he will burry him.

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Jennifer says that she didn’t even wait to confront her husband but she packed all her belongings and left with her two kids and went back to her parents house..CONTINUE READING>>

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