Singer Priscilla Zawedde aka Azawi has expressed her disgust and disappointment in a Ugandan court after it set a rapist free....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Yesterday Justice Margaret Mutonyi agreed to look into the case of 78-year-old Godfrey Sozi. Sozi is facing charges of aggravated defilement of a 7-year-old girl.

Ssozi has been in prison since 2021 on remand waiting to be sentenced. However, he showed up to court in a very poor health state. It was here that he asked for forgiveness for his crimes.

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According to Godfrey Sozi, he’s critically ill and would like to die peacefully in his home. Therefore, he pleaded with Justice Mutonyi to grant him the opportunity to spend his last days at home rather than die in prison. The Justice took the matter into account and chances are high that he’s going to be set free.

Court documents also indicate that this man is suffering from HIV/AIDS. However, it’s not clear if he infected his victim.

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This revelation gave rise to different opinions on the internet. Some welcomed the idea and said that there is nothing he’s still doing in prison since he’s about to die.

Therefore, he should go home and look for redemption from his God as he awaits death. However, others did not welcome this idea.

Regardless of his age and health situation, they said that he ought to take a portion of responsibility for his deeds. He can’t just be set free when there are other minors there because he can do the same thing to them.

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Others said that the aggrieved family will just kill him because they will feel that the justice system failed them. It was here that the Masavu singer expressed her disappointment too.

Quoting the news story on X, she said,“My country pardons rapists and pedophiles,”before adding an emoji expressing disgust..CONTINUE READING>>

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