Following the outburst of many on X (Twitter) regarding the institution of marriage, a lady who identifies as @T_nsofor has advised women against being full-time housewives....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

She shared that her father had denied her mother the privilege to work, but her mother kicked against it, which benefitted them in the end.

Her tweet read;

“When my mum started working, my dad said no, she left & went to find her way. They reconciled 3yrs after and when my dad died and the extended family started showing us shege, her successful law practice was why we didn’t beg.

Keep infantilizing yourself cos you have a husband. When she left us with dad, the youngest was 3, when my dad died the youngest was 10.

6 days after he died, they held a family meeting, told us our school were uber expensive and we have to change to the community schools.

The only reason that failed was cos my mum is a boss babe. My mum will say she has spent her career fighting bad husbands but she has also spent a bulk of that career fighting women who don’t understand that their lives are theirs and theirs alone. Not for their kids, husband or family but theirs only.

That marriage thread is triggering cos how are we as women finding abuse, manipulation funny. Is that the price to pay for Mrs? Many women are not even convinced that physical abuse& rape at the is a big deal. How do we even begin to talk about non-physical marital abuse…READ THE FULL CONTENTS>>

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