Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok has hit back at Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi after the latter’s remarks on Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Addressing the media on Monday, May 27, the county boss stated that the DP stood with the Rift Valley region and that he would not allow a few leaders from the region to disrespect him.

“We will not allow a few people to bring shame to our government. Those who will bring shame to our president and deputy president. I want to speak to the people of Rift Valley. Riggy G stood with us. We must give him respect,” Barchok remarked.

He further asserted that if anybody had an issue with any remarks by the deputy president, there was a way of approaching the matter with respect.

“Just yesterday or the day before, I saw someone arguing with Riggy G. He is our parent, so respect him. If there is something he has said, there is a respectable way to address it. But not by standing on the podium and arguing with him. We will not allow that,” Barchok added.

Sudi on Sunday told off Gachagua after the latter claimed that a section of Rift Valley politicians is interfering with the leadership of Mt Kenya.

The DP alleged that some Rift Valley politicians close to President William Ruto were misleading him and reprimanded them for setting the country in a political mood.

But in a rejoinder, the lawmaker maintained that nobody would control where he would go as he demanded respect from both the president and his deputy.

“Let us respect each other. You cannot control where I go. If we all stayed in our respective constituencies then we would not be in government.

We ask the President and his deputy to respect us. We can’t allow them to come and harass small leaders,” Sudi stated….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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