A man and woman are being held in custody in connection with the murder of a 22-year-old lady who was pushed from the balcony of a two-storey building on Monday night in Lolwe, Kisumu County....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

According to the police, the lady who was engaged in the fatal incident is suspected to have been involved in a love triangle.

While speaking to journalists, Kisumu Central Sub County police boss Peter Mulai stated that the two suspects were involved in an altercation with the deceased which led to the fateful Monday night incident.

“A fight ensued when the woman tried to gain entry inside the house leading to her death,” Mulai said.

The altercation is said to have ensued after the victim followed the man, 30, to his house and busted him with another woman, aged 25 before the heated confrontation ensued when the victim was pushed down from the balcony.

“The man and another woman, who he claims is his wife accosted the deceased and she was pushed down after a small scuffle,” he added.

The man identified the 25-year-old woman as his wife. However, the police stated that the man previously lived with the deceased.

After the accident, as per the police, the man then drove the lady to hospital where she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The lady suffered a fracture on the head, which led to her losing a lot of blood through bleeding.

Mulai stated that once the investigations have been concluded, the two will be arraigned and charged in court….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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