DEAR DEIDRE: I WAS gutted to discover that the first lover I’d had since my husband died was cheating on me with two of his exes....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

We were together for five months and our relationship was incredibly intense, which was something I had never expected after my man passed away three years ago.

But my partner, who I met through a dating site, was so funny and kind that I fell for him straight away.

I am 41 and he is 44.

We chatted for weeks and, when we met for drinks, things really took off.

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The first time we had sex was difficult for me, but he was so considerate that, by the second time, everything felt completely natural.

You can imagine how devastated I was when, five months later, I received a text from him telling me it was all over.

There was no explanation. His words were cold and callous.

Then one day, out of the blue, I received a message from him asking if he could talk to me.

We met up and he apologised.

He said he’d been in a bad place and work was stressing him out.

I forgave him and we started again.

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But then I heard from one of his exes.

She warned me to be careful because he’d gone crawling back to her, too.

She’d discovered our messages on his phone and saw a separate thread between him and a third woman — another of his exes.

She then sent me screenshots of his conversations.

I was gutted and ended our relationship there and then.

I want to forget him and try to stop loving him, but it’s so hard.

DEIDRE SAYS: You were looking for love after your husband’s tragic death and jumped in feet first.

You were emotionally vulnerable and didn’t know how badly this man would treat you.

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I know it’s hard to let go when you may have hoped things would come right, but he’s let you down and you know you can never trust him.

Shed your tears over him and then make a determined effort to move on.

You deserve much better but may need help to realise it.

Concentrate on improving your social life.

There are plenty of great guys who are unattached.

Find one who is worthy of your love and wants the same as you..CONTINUE READING>>

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