If you frequently visit social media platforms you must have come across Samidoh Muchoki at some point. He is a popular Kikuyu artist and is well known for his hardwork and determination. Samidoh also happens to be one of the greatest Kenyan Kikuyu artist who have moved from grass to grace within the shortest period of time....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Few minutes ago he has shared a post on his Facebook page which entails a sad experience of his childhood. He said that on a free monday evening he was partly idle and scrolling through his tiktok account and something interesting and sad captured his lazy eyes. He came across a post that had a question of “What statement killed you but you pretended you are okay?”.

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Samidoh recalled that after his mum’s death they stayed with their aunt (his dad’s sister). He recalled that one day there was no firewood and her aunt woke up and told him to go and gather his mother’s bones so that they can use them to cook tea.

The post also reminded him how he once pleaded with ‘someone’ to offer him KSh 200 for a school school trip to Nakuru crater and she was told to know that he is an orphan and he should not introduce himself to certain lifestyles. He added that those are things that not even a man with a big heart will ever heal from.

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He also said that some relatives/parents/guardians can kill you alive. He went on to ask his fans to share similar experiences..CONTINUE READING>>

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