Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, and we can’t imagine life without them. You use your phone hundreds of times every day. However, when using the phone, it is important to use it properly. Here are ten areas where your phone should not be kept....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

1. Your back pocket- Keeping your phone in your back pocket can result in a variety of problems, including missed calls, phone loss, and even phone breakage when you sit down. According to specialists, keeping the phone in the back pocket can cause stomach and leg ache.

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2. Your Front Pocket—Electromagnetic radiation is emitted by phones. Men who carry their phones in their front pockets are more likely to have low sperm quality and quantity.

3. Scientists have determined that keeping phones in bras increases the risk of breast cancer due to the electromagnetic radiation released by the phone.

4. Tiny bags that hang on your hips—Another bad place to keep your phone is in one of these. According to studies, those who carry their phones near their hips or thighs are more likely to have weak bones in that area.

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5. Keeping your phone near your skin, especially when on the phone, can cause skin problems and other health issues. When on the phone, keep your phone a few millimeters away from your skin.

6. Using our phones all day and allowing them to charge overnight is something that most of us do. Charging your phone overnight might be harmful to its health and shorten the battery’s lifespan.

7. In an extremely cold environment- Putting your phone in an extremely cold environment can cause problems because it is only designed to withstand a certain range of temperatures. This can drastically harm the phone’s battery.

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9. In a very hot environment- Just like cold temperatures, phones cannot withstand extreme heat. To avoid battery damage, keep it away from hot items and direct sunlight.

10. Keeping your phone under your pillow will disrupt your sleep due to the light released when a notification appears, which may interfere with the generation of sleep hormones. Additionally, cellphones emit electromagnetic radiation that can induce dizziness and headaches..CONTINUE READING>>

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