President William Ruto led the nation in commemorating the 61st Madaraka Day celebrations in Bungoma County on Saturday, June 1, 2024....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

The commemoration was hosted at the Masinde Muliro Stadium in Bungoma county, with the president and other dignitaries making their way to the venue by 9am.

Thousands of Kenyans keen on being part of the celebrations thronged the venue from as early as 5am, with the stadium filled to capacity.

Economic growth and job creation for Kenyans

The President’s speech focused on economic growth and job creation for millions of Kenyans by harnessing the potential of agriculture and investment.

“I am delighted that agriculture and food security are the chosen theme of this year’s #MadarakaDay. Under the bottom-up economic transformation agenda, we will reduce hunger, fight poverty and improve the health outcome of Kenyans

“Our country has a thriving, competitive and diversified economy. I am proud to commission the 18,000 agripreneurs in Kenya who will make sure that farming puts money in the pockets of our farmers.” stated the President.

He also shared that during his recent visit to the U.S., he negotiated the renewal of the African Growth and Opportunity Act, which has enhanced access to the US market for African exports.

Kenya to stop importing shoes by 2027

He also shared that in the near future, Kenyans will wear shoes made in the country as a result of his administration’s investment in the leather industry and value-addition.

“We will not be importing shoes, we will be wearing shoes made in Kenya by our own leather.

“In this connection, we have committed to implement strategies aimed at increasing incomes from Ksh.15 billion to KSh.120 billion a year, multiplying job opportunities from 17,000 to 100,000 and raising annual footwear production from the current 8 million to 36 million pairs worth Ksh.72 billion by 2027,” said President Ruto.

“We have witnessed the negative effects of climate change that challenge food security and economic recovery. The flooding and landslides experienced in the last six months may have slowed us down,” the President noted.

Corruption and wastefulness in government

The Head of State also assured Kenyans that his administration will never embrace politics of ethnicity, reiterating his commitment to fighting corruption.

“I promise Kenyans that we will never go back to the politics of ethnicity and personality. We will work hard to ensure our politics is focused on development and deal with corruption and wasteful spending of public resources” The President added…..CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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