Chivalry isn’t dead. It never was and it never will. What died is the gentleman in most men. Times may have changed, but I believe it’s timeless to practice an honorable and polite way of behavior, especially towards women. Essentially, it’s still a sign of respect....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Real men are gentlemen. Call them old-fashioned but they are actually living the right lifestyle. Adopt a gentleman’s habits and you can gain a woman’s admiration and make her weak in the knees. Do you want to know how to be chivalrous, especially when dating? Adopt these 7 habits.

Here are 7 chivalrous habits of good men that make women weak in the knees:

1. Punctuality

Always be on time. A real man values his appointments and knows that time is essential, never let your date wait for you unless you have an emergency then you should honestly inform her.

2. Opening doors for her

This is a very courteous act that a man can do for a woman. It does not signify that women are weak or that they constantly need a man to assist them! He just wants her to have the comfort and convenience she deserves. Hello, Prince Charming!

3. Keeping your word

A real man keeps his promises. He treats his words as honorable and truthful. He does everything to keep it because he is principled!

4. Communicating

A gentleman is a good conversationalist. He intently listens, speaks with conviction, and practices eye contact. And in our modern techy world, he’ll put down his phone and be immersed in your conversation. He will listen to you. The deepest woman’s need is to be heard and he knows it.

5. Having good hygiene

All I’m saying is to be clean and well-groomed. You don’t need a suit to impress the ladies, just have a neat appearance and a nice attitude. Might I add, check your breath, simple I know but poopy breathe is a BIG no-no! Smell is a huge aphrodisiac for a woman so get clean baby, brush those teeth, clean those underarms it’s not rocket science, she will appreciate it.

6. Minding your manners

Remember, “please” and “thank you” are still magic words.

7. Not being afraid to commit

Real men don’t back out from commitments, whether business deals or personal relationships. They are brave enough to handle it.

Women love gentlemen, and they definitely appreciate the efforts that men give to maintain gentlemanly ways. Keep in mind that being a male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age, but being a gentleman is a matter of choice.…READ THE FULL CONTENTS>>

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