If you find yourself frustrated and unsuccessful in dating, it could be that you are not ready for a relationship. You may feel a bit lonely or feel the pressure of family or peers to be a couple, but you may want to consider if being single for now is the better option for you.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

You may want to take time off from dating or re-evaluate if it is realistic for you to be in a serious relationship. Perhaps embrace a single life and its benefits. Here are the 10 signs you are not ready for a relationship and being single might be best for you right now.

Here are 10 painfully honest signs you’re not at all ready for a new relationship:

1. You frequently list all the unappealing characteristics of men your age

Your focus is on the opposite gender letting themselves go physically such as having a beer belly or protruding nose hair instead of looking for a fit and toned partner.

2. You never achieved closure with your ex or exes

You flirt with getting back together with one of your former partners.

3. You engage in “friends with benefits” or casual intimacy”

You don’t view intimacy as a deeply sacred connection, but rather recreation.

4. Reading one of the books on your nightstand is the climax of your day

You dream of spending time with your favorite characters and being swept away in the story of your current novel.

5. You hold onto past baggage

Your former troubles or single status have become your identity.

6. You love your freedom above all else

Your daily routine has become about perfect and someone else’s slightly different style would drive you nuts.

7. There is not an inch of space in your bedroom or your life for a man to fit into

Your closets are packed full as is every hour of your schedule.

8. You feel incomplete without a partner

If you can’t find happiness with yourself and expect someone else to make you happy, you are looking in the wrong place.

9. Your dog or cat has become your lover

You snuggle and whisper words of endearment into the ears of your furry companion as you crawl into bed together.

10. You have the attitude “been there, done that”

You aren’t completely sure relationships are worth the effort or responsibility. You may have experienced some of these 10 signs at one time or another, but if they come to mind regularly as you date or think about dating, take a break. Sometimes being single is underestimated in its value.

Your single time can be fun and fulfilling if you work on yourself, cultivate friendships, and relax into that phase of your life. Be where you are now and consider deeply if what is missing from your life is a relationship or something else.

If you don’t fit with any of these 10 signs and are still single and looking, then persevere. Have patience and continue searching as dating can be a numbers game and a search for a chemistry match.

As best you can, be content with what is your current reality and stay open to change and opportunities when they come your way.…READ THE FULL CONTENTS>>

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