President William Ruto made a big difference in the lives of some children in Mathare when he stopped his car to buy bananas and sugarcane from a young girl named Nancy who was selling them by the roadside....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Nancy, a young girl helping her mother while waiting for schools to reopen, caught the president’s attention as he was leaving Mathare.

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Nancy, with her small fruit stand, was tending to it in her mother’s absence when President Ruto approached her.

She shared with him that she was assisting her mom while waiting for schools to start again.

Touched by her diligence and determination, the president bought bananas and sugarcane from her modest selection.

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What made this gesture even more touching was that President Ruto didn’t just buy fruits for himself. He distributed the bananas and sugarcane among the other children who had gathered around to watch his motorcade.

It was a simple act of kindness, but it left a profound effect on Nancy and the other kids. In addition to showing compassion towards Nancy and the children, President Ruto also reassured Nancy that the government was committed to reopening schools promptly.

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He acknowledged the recent challenges caused by severe weather and promised to repair and rebuild the affected classrooms..CONTINUE READING>>

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