Ronaldo Needs To Focus On His Curl Rather Than Power Shot Training – Opinion

Cristiano Ronaldo made headlines again today as his stoppage time goal helped Al Nassr secure a draw. This one point helped them secure their number one spot in the Saudi premier league....CONTINUE READING

The Al Nassr team seems to be making a lot of defensive mistakes, however, they have some quality midfielders. Talisca was able to put his name again on the scoresheet after scoring Al Nassr’s first goal of the game.

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Cristiano Ronaldo could have left the game with a hat trick if one of his goal hadn’t been disallowed and if he had scored an easy chance. After Ronaldo failed to score a very easy chance in the game, a lot of fans criticized him as they believe he is no longer as clinical as he used to be.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has been seen training in the gym several times, and this has given him an amazing physique and strong legs for powerful shots. However, these powerful shots no longer seem to be working for him.

Several times, Ronaldo has attempted free kicks with powerful shots, but most of the time, he fails to even send the ball over the wall. Also, Ronaldo failed to score from two chances because he played a powerful shot, rather than making use of a curl.

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In my opinion, Ronaldo needs to focus more on his curl than power shots.

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