President Tinubu Has Approved Coastal Road, Running From Port Harcourt To Lagos – Minister Of Work

The Minister of Work for the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dave Umahi revealed President Tinubu has approved Coastal Road that is going to run from Port Harcourt, crossing many cities North, South, West, Central, and then ending in Lagos.

He answered some interview questions while appearing on the Channels TV online program. However, during the online interview, He said.

The ministry inherited a total of 2,604 projects worth 14 trillion nairas and for 18,000 kilometers approach. Between when we came on board and now, about 4 trillion has been paid, leaving a balance of 10 trillion.

We have identified sources that could fund up to 4 trillion. Some of these projects have lasted for 20 years, some for 10 years. In most cases, they are never appropriated throughout.

I went to seek Mr. President’s approval so that we wouldn’t stay up to 10 years without any defined source of funding. The good news is that Mr. President has approved what is called a Coastal Road.

This Coastal road is going to run all the way from Port Harcourt, crossing many cities North, South, West, and Central, and then ending in Lagos.

We have another Cherry news of a super highway that is being constructed. Other projects are from Abuja to Lagos, 460 kilometers. We’ve concluded nine routes for construction. We have selected about 17 for Mr. President to approve for us to start the due process on conception…READFULL