President William Ruto has commended Kenyatta University for contributing to the professional growth of Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) officers by providing a relevant advanced degree programme....READ THE FULL ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

During the Cadets Commissioning Parade at the Kenya Military Academy in Lanet today, Ruto said Kenyatta University played a role in creating the Bachelor of Science in Military Studies programme.

“I also extend special gratitude to Kenyatta University for its invaluable partnership with KDF in designing and implementing the curriculum for the Bachelors of Science in Military Security Studies, which has now served 11 cohorts of General Service Officer Cadets,” Ruto stated.

He said the partnership has helped shape the key tenets and produced fully-baked professional soldiers who are now at the vanguard of military reform.

“This commendable collaboration has prepared our officers to effectively promote our national interests and the collective interests of our region,” said Ruto.

The president, nevertheless, emphasized the importance of achieving complete military autonomy, announcing that the National Defence University of Kenya will now offer a Bachelor of Science Degree in Defence and Security Studies.

Ruto also challenged the cadets to harness technology in safeguarding Kenya’s borders against potential threats.

“The country looks to you, the Kenyan contingent in this cohort, as future leaders of the KDF, to be at the forefront of devising imaginative and efficient strategies to combat these threats effectively,” he said….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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