Former Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya has responded to the recent viral photos of him with his lover circulating online....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Gossip columnists and bloggers have been having a field day covering the leaked photos of Oparanya and the younger woman identified as Mary Biketi, purported to be the politician’s clandestine lover.

However, in a recorded video released on Monday, Oparanya downplayed the supposed “expose” and confirmed the authenticity of the photos. He explained that they were taken with his ‘loved one’ and wondered why someone would circulate them.


According to the ODM deputy leader, the photos were leaked to the press from the studio where they were taken.

“I have seen someone circulating my photos. Those are genuine photos. I don’t know why someone would waste time trying to circulate them.

It is very unfortunate that wherever I took those photos they leaked them to the press. Those are very decent photos and I don’t know the interest that people have when you have taken photos with a loved one,”said Oparanya.

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The former Kakamega Governor also pointed out that there has been false information regarding his health ever since the photos were leaked. He dismissed claims circulating on social media that he had been hospitalized following the release of the undated photos.

Oparanya affirmed that he is in good health and has been in Mombasa, actively engaging with people from his community.

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“There is now fake news I am in hospital I am sick and here I am. I have a big family to protect. Those sending out fake news should stop. I have been in Mombasa for a few days meeting my people from my community,”Oparanya added..CONTINUE READING>>>

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