Not Sleeping Deeply? Check Out How Phone Can Affect Your Sleep

The average hours a person must sleep in a day for good health is between 7 to 8 hours, according to medical experts. But, many people in today’s hussling and buzzling world are not meeting up with this daily sleep requirement. Factors causing this varies from stress, sickness and working more than 8 hours daily. Our use of technological gadgets like phones also have a role to play in our sleeping pattern. Let us look at how technlogical devices affect our sleep and how to control it so that we can sleep better....CONTINUE READING

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It is common for people to take their phones to the toilet. Many people do that, even most people that would be reading this post might fall into that category of people.Yes, this is true. BankMyCell surveyed 2,114 people in the U.S to find out about cellphone addiction in various demographics in the country. 3 in 4 people in the survey admitted they use their phones in the toilet, and many also admitted taking their phones to bed.

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Many people cannot sleep now without their phone beside them. Some usually slept off most times with their phone on their hand. Phone is becoming part of us, agreed, but we must not overuse it as it can have negative effects on our sleep.

Restrict the Use of Technological Devices Before Going to Bed

We must know that excess cellphone backlight exposure increases the time it takes for a person to fall asleep. Hence, it is critical to restrict phone use before bed if we must have a proper and deep sleep.

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