Do you know that there are certain factors that determine the viability of a man’s sperm cells? The issue of infertility can be very disturbing for most couples and sometimes can even lead to divorce and numerous marital issues. The sad reality is that, most people place the burden or infertility on the woman when in some cases, it’s actually the man’s problem....CONTINUE READING

So, in this article, we are going to have a look at some factors that determine whether a man can impregnate a woman. The good thing is that, men can actually influence the health of their sperm cells. Just sit tight and learn something new from this piece.

What Are Theses Factors?

1. Quantity; a healthy sperm count should be ranging within 15 to 20 million let milliliter of semen. This is because most of the cells die off along the line, so the more you have in your discharge, the higher your chances of getting a woman pregnant as there will certainly be a survivor amongst the millions.

2. The second factor is the motility of the cells. Motility has to do with the sperms ability to swim. They have a long swimming to do before getting to the egg and being able to fertilize the egg, so if your cells are not moving well, you may never be able to impregnate a woman.

3. The third and last factor or determinant is the shape of the cells as in the morphology. The normal and healthy cells should have rounded heads and strong long tails but wrongly or poorly shaped cells may not be able to get to the egg before dying off.

Which Ways Can A Man Employ to Improve The Health Of The Cells?

1. Drink less alcohol and some cigarettes very minimally or if possible avoid it completely.

2. Exercise regularly but don’t engage in highly strenuous activities as that can even have a negative impact on your sperm health.

3. Eat Healthy, consume nuts regularly as they help boost testosterone and also consume foods that contain vitamin B12 regularly.

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