Ladies something has been bothering me since yesterday. My husband travelled for work on Thursday last week and came back yesterday morning, so as usual we bathe together in the mornings coz I have a small bathroom in my bedroom, I woke him up we bathe and go to church but he told me to bathe he will come in later, I finished and got out and immediately he went in, last night I noticed he was avoiding to get intimate when lights are on like we always do and I didn’t bother....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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The shock I got this morning when I found all his pubic hair has been shaved, remember I always tell him to let me shave him coz he’s very bushy but he refuses and tells me he likes it like that.

I asked him about it and he told he just decided to do it himself in the hotel he was sleeping in when he was away, something tells me he lying to me and I feel that’s why he was avoiding me.

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I feel so frustrated and hurt coz I don’t want to think some foolish woman shaved him. How do I get thru this coz the pain is too much for me considering I have been faithful to him for the five years we’ve been married. I feel like leaving this marriage..CONTINUE READING>>>

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