Journalist Allwell Ene from Rivers has told the story of how a bus driver ruined a woman’s plans after she told her boyfriend a false address....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The journalist said on his Facebook page that he took a commercial bus to Iwofe at mile 1.

The boyfriend of one of the female passengers in the car called and inquired about the whereabouts of his girlfriend. She claimed to be on the Aba road, but this was a lie.

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Read below the journalist’s narration… “Driver don knock job for girl wey dey lie for him boyfriend, ”he wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday, April 24. ‘’We were all on a bus at mile 1 going to Iwofe.. suddenly the girl’s phone rang and the boyfriend was asking her where she was.

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She said…”babe I dey cab like this for Aba road around Waterlines dey come to your place…” ‘’As she was speaking, the aproko driver started shouting Iwofe Iwofe. Come see quarrel between the girl and driver..CONTINUE READING>>>

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